An Exciting Pathway to A Medical Degree

Pre-Medical Foundation

TGM Pathway Foundation offers an innovative and exciting pathway to a medical degree through a partnership with world leading universities. This degree track is open to qualified Nigerian students who do not yet hold a Bachelor’s degree who seek an accelerated pathway to completing their medical education.
Ensure your future in the UK

UK Pathway Foundation

Our UK Foundation Pathway program provides an easy transition into top ranking institutions in the United Kingdom and Ireland. In this 1 year foundation program, you will be adequately prepared for a successful academic journey in the UK. Studying in the UK will be an amazing experience for you as it is a very friendly place.
Graduate In Canada

Canada Pathway Foundation

Our Canada Foundation Programme equips you with the required skill set to proceed on an excellent academic future in Canadian Universities.
Learning Experience in Australia

Australia Pathway Foundation

Enrol into our intensive one-year preparatory course and be sure of transitioning into a fulfilling academic program in Australia.
Study in Advance Institutions

USA Pathway Foundation

Our USA Foundation Programme ensures a smooth transition to the rigorous academic system in America.
Be Sure To Pass Your Exams


Enrol today for our intensive coaching in all Nigerian tertiary bound examinations.