What is a University Foundation Programme?

The foundation programme is an accredited pre-university course specially designed to prepare students to gain admission into foreign Universities. TGM Pathway Foundation College offer a one-year option starting in January.

In addition to developing your English language skills, you choose subjects to study, with exams at the end of the course. There is also a significant amount of coursework which contributes to your final grade.

Start your foundation programme in Jan 2020 and you could progress to university in September 2020.

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How Will I Be Assessed?

You take examinations in each subject at the end of the year with results published soon after. To ensure that you are well prepared you will also take part in mock exams so that your teachers can help with anything you are finding difficult. English is tested through an IELTS examination.

Most subjects have 30% coursework which is written or practical work completed throughout the year and counts towards your overall grade.

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What Are The Teaching Standards?

Teachers at the TGM Pathway Foundation School are required to teach to a high standard and to contribute actively to school life. They are also expected to be committed to the continuous development of their practice. We support professional development through frequent internal and external training opportunities.

As part of a broad network of schools we offer able and committed staff many opportunities for promotion to positions of responsibility. We also provide internal and external management training opportunities.

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Is There A Minimum Age for Admission?

Yes, for the academic year, you must be aged 16 or over by the start of the academic year. This is the recommended age for any of our students who intend to join the Foundation Pathway Programme.

Please note: You can be under 16 years at time of application.

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What are the learning facilities like?

We use the latest learning technologies and our teaching rooms are well equipped. Most have touch-screen digital whiteboards and all have Wi-Fi.

The Institution’s building is described as heralding a new generation of institutions in Kano’s higher education.

We provide libraries and resource centres which offer specialist materials for every subject studied at TGM Pathway.

Wherever you are on campus, you will be able to log on to the student portal. This is your personalised gateway to the digital campus, connecting you to email, news, online communities and the e-library.

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How do I apply for my accommodation?

If you will be under the age of 18 at the start of the course, accommodation in our campus is compulsory, where you will be supported by the Customer Service Manager.

However if you would prefer to live with a local relative or designated guardian, this is possible, by prior agreement.

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How will studying at TGM Pathway help me to compete in the global market?

The TGM Pathway Foundation maintains an excellent reputation around the world and has one of the largest global student communities in Nigeria. We have longstanding links with universities around the world and Once you progress to a foundation degree here, this network of global partnerships will offer you exciting international opportunities, such as direct placements to the best schools from across the world.

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How Do I Pay My Fees?

The University offers the flexibility of paying your tuition or accommodation fees in full at the start of the year or in installments, either on a monthly or a termly basis.

When you unconditionally accept your offer for the TGM Pathway International Foundation, you will receive an email with information about registration and instructions on what you are required to do. The registration process will require you to complete various pieces of information and part of the information required is about payments. You can  see details of the payment options at Paying tuition fees – TGM Pathway Int’l Foundation.

Please email our Customer Service Office on info@tgmpathway.com if you have any queries about the payment options available.

Please note:if you are in arrears with the payment of fees the School reserves its rights to take enforcement action for non-payment.

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How Will I Be Taught?

As a Foundation student you will experience a variety of teaching methods. These methods will include lectures, seminars, tutorials, workshops, laboratory work and peer group learning, depending on the academic pathway you follow.

You will be learning in a supportive environment, and will be encouraged to think, discuss and engage critically with your subject area. Classes are small and focused on individual needs. You will have a tutor, who will give help and advice on study-related issues and help you to monitor and reflect on your progress.

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